18th Street Art Center

18th Street Arts Center is one of the top artist residency programs in the US and the largest in Southern California. Conceived as a radical think tank in the shape of an artist community, the center supports artists from around the globe to imagine, research, and develop significant, meaningful new artworks and share them with the public. 18th Street strives to provide artists with the space and time to take risks, foster the ideal environment for artists and the public to directly engage, and create experiences and partnerships that foster positive social change.

Carnegie Observatories

Founded in 1904, Carnegie Observatories is the oldest scientific organization in Pasadena, and along with Caltech and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, one of the three institutions that make Pasadena the world center of astronomy today. Carnegie astronomers are renowned for their discoveries about the evolution of the Universe, including star and galaxy formations, black holes, dark matter, and the search for life in the cosmos, among many things.

CLOT Magazine

CLOT Magazine is an online publishing platform dedicated to artistic explorations of science and technology with a focus on media theory, philosophy, and cultural studies. CLOT aims to establish new ground and generate debate in the areas of hybrid art, body architectures and cyborgs, sound art, artificial intelligence, digital art and interfaces, augmented realities, and generative art, among others. CLOT is run by Lula Criado and Meritxell Rosell, who are both multidisciplinary editors, writers, and curators.


dubblab is a non-profit radio station founded in Los Angeles in 1999. Named by The Guardian as “the world’s best online radio station,” it has been one of the defining voices of online radio as a medium for more than two decades. Through radio broadcasts, myriad public events, and celebrated cultural projects, dublab has fostered a community in Los Angeles and around the world, which places creativity, enrichment, diversity, inclusivity, and equality as valued priorities.

Keeping music as the organization’s main focus, the dublab community continues to grow and use its voice to bring about positive change. Affiliate stations in Japan, Barcelona, Germany, and Brazil expand dublab’s reach and form communities with shared values.

LACMA Art + Technology Lab

The LACMA Art + Technology Lab supports experiments in design, creative entrepreneurship, adventures in art and industry, collaboration, and interdisciplinary dialogue. Its parent institution, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, is the largest art museum in the western United States, with a collection of more than 147,000 objects that illuminate 6,000 years of artistic expression across the globe. Committed to showcasing a multitude of art histories, LACMA exhibits and interprets works of art from new and unexpected points of view that are informed by the region’s rich cultural heritage and diverse population. LACMA’s spirit of experimentation is reflected in its work with artists, technologists, and thought leaders as well as in its regional, national, and global partnerships to share collections and programs, create pioneering initiatives, and engage new audiences.

L.A. Dance Project

L.A. Dance Project (LADP) expands the boundaries of dance as an art form and redefines how we interact and relate with movement in the modern world. Informed by collaborative partnerships with traditional and emerging artists, performance work, commissions, residencies, and community programming, their mission is to inspire, create, educate, and change perspectives through the accessible and transformative power of dance in Los Angeles and around the world.


Fearlessly pioneering since 1968, Leonardo serves as the community forging a transdisciplinary network to convene, research, collaborate, and disseminate best practices at the nexus of arts, science, and technology worldwide. Leonardo serves a network of scholars, artists, scientists, technologists, and thinkers who experiment with cutting-edge new approaches, practices, systems, and solutions to tackle the most complex challenges facing humanity today.

Leonardo offers a global platform for creative exploration and collaboration reaching tens of thousands of people across 135 countries. Their flagship publication, Leonardo, the world’s leading scholarly journal on transdisciplinary art, anchors a robust publishing partnership with MIT Press; their partnership with ASU infuses educational innovation with digital art and media for lifelong learning; and their creative programs span thought-provoking events, exhibits, residencies and fellowships, scholarship, and social enterprise ventures.

Lookout FM

LOOKOUT FM is a new independent FM radio network in Los Angeles. Broadcasting in Burbank on 96.7FM KGAP and in Hollywood on 99.1FM KZUT, LOOKOUT FM is an observatory of curated audio programming with a wide outlook and varied perspectives on the world expressed through music, documentaries, lectures, poetry, and discussion. Partnered with voices from the Indigenous community, the music community, the arts community, and the academic community, LOOKOUT FM offers long-term perspectives on that which lasts: nature and the arts.

Mount Wilson Observatory

The Mount Wilson Observatory was founded in 1904 by George Ellery Hale under the auspices of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. In that same year, Hale brought the Snow Solar Telescope from Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin to the steadier skies of Mount Wilson in order to continue his research of the Sun. With a small cadre of Yerkes scientists and engineers accompanying him, Hale started what would become the world’s foremost astronomical research facility. 

The scientific process of astronomy begun more than a century ago at Mount Wilson continues today, around the world, and in space with such instruments as the Hubble Space Telescope, named for one of the observatory’s outstanding astronomers: Edwin Hubble, who made his great discovery—that we are just one of many galaxies in an ever-expanding Universe—using the facility’s celebrated 100-inch Telescope. In 2017, Mount Wilson Observatory celebrated the centenary of this extraordinary instrument, which also led to the development of the Big Bang Model and the current understanding of life’s origins. 

Pasadena City College Center for the Arts

Pasadena City College Center for the Arts is home to two acclaimed exhibition spaces: The Boone Family Art Gallery and Gallery V. Both galleries host multiple exhibitions each year that feature the work of Pasadena City College students, faculty, and visiting professional artists.

Pitzer College Art Galleries

Pitzer College Art Galleries is a critical conduit of educational, cultural, and social enlightenment. Their exhibitions and programs facilitate inquiry into contemporary and historical issues of importance and reflect Pitzer College’s core values of social responsibility, intercultural understanding, interdisciplinary learning, and environmental sustainability. These projects function as teaching tools by encouraging interdisciplinary approaches to pedagogy and providing alternate lenses through which to examine diverse fields of study. Whether virtual or in person, the Galleries host artist and faculty lectures, cross-disciplinary symposia, in-house produced videos, and socially-conscious exhibitions that examine racial and gender equity. With a focus on inclusivity, the Galleries seek to expand and deepen our understanding of the world around us.  

Shumei Arts Council

The Shumei Arts Council was created in early 1998 to enrich the cultural life of Pasadena and Los Angeles communities and foster a deeper appreciation of the arts. The council is committed to bringing concerts of the highest quality and unique exhibitions and lectures to Shumei Hall, Pasadena so that the community-at-large can explore and experience highly skilled artistic expression. Shumei Arts Council’s mission is based on the belief that art can enlighten hearts and minds; through this transformation the community will flourish.

Side Street Projects

Side Street Projects is a mobile, artist-run organization that supports artists, projects, and programs in fostering leadership through socially engaged art and a DIY (Do It Yourself) & DIT (Do It Together) ethos. Centered around, and led by, the justice-impacted communities of Pasadena and LA County, Side Street promotes creativity, well-being, and the potential for collective growth through the lens of DIY/DIT values, including an emphasis on respect for resources and a symbiotic relationship to the environment and the communities from which those resources come. Facilitating dialogue, collaboration, and creative problem solving within a hands-on, art-making context, Side Street connects artists and communities with the hopes of causing a ripple effect in society that moves us towards collective growth and regeneration.


SOLARPUNKS is a community and solar solutions studio built to combat climate change through culture. Their work is designed to catalyze rapid change in the creation, distribution, and deployment of renewable energy solutions through electrification and DERs (distributed energy resources), starting with tangible action through art, music, and entertainment.


SUPERCOLLIDER believes in a future where art, science, and technology collide to inspire social and environmental responsibility. Bringing together leading artists, scientists, and the public to celebrate the future and reframe the challenges facing the world, SUPERCOLLIDER builds accountability networks and creative connections across disciplines and locations to spark new skill sets for humanity via collective perseverance and collaborative action. Out of sight, out of mind can no longer define the pursuit of progress. SUPERCOLLIDER’s mission is to drive persistent conversation about the future of the planet by bringing such topics in-sight and in-mind, with art at the forefront.

UCLA Art|Sci Center

The UCLA Art|Sci Center is dedicated to pursuing and promoting the evolving “Third Culture” by facilitating the infinite potential of collaborations between (media) arts and (bio/nano) sciences.

Through the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture’s Design Media Arts Department and the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), the center supports visiting research scholars and artists-in-residence from around the world. Through various lectures, mixers, and symposia, artists and scientists are brought together in order to mesh these cultures and inspire individuals to think about art and science as an interrelated and very relevant synergism of society. The Art|Sci Center also hosts the Sci|Art NanoLab Summer Institute for high school students, introducing them to the vast possibilities in the field of art and science for the present and future generations.

Art|Sci Center is home to the Art|Sci Collective, an international group of researchers and creatives that develop projects, workshops, performances, and exhibitions that address social, ethical, and environmental issues related to scientific innovations.


Zebulon Café Concert, also known as Zebulon, is a music venue, bar, and restaurant located in LA’s Frogtown.